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Set of 8 candles

650 руб.

Price for the one piece 

The wax rolled candles is made by hand and keeps the heat of the hands that made it. The wax is made from natural beeswax, without adding paraffin! Wax is a biologically active product with extensive pharmaceutical and medicinal properties, and in tandem with dry herbs, they form a strong alliance in the fight against ailments and the improvement of the general condition of the body.
Candles are not aromatic, they don’t have aroma oils. When they are burning, dry herbs can crackle a little. The aroma of herbs and honey will be light.
Burning time is about 1 hours.
Keep in a warm and dry place.
IMPORTANT! The candle must be freed from the entire wrapper and fixed in a deep candlestick. Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
Candle height-10cm (3,94"), diameter-3cm (1.18")
Packing length-24,5cm (9,65"), width-11cm (4,33"), depth-5cm (1,97"). SET OF 8 candles

You can choose the herbs in the set from the availability (specify this in the message):
1) Knapweed (Cleans energy and enhances attractiveness)
2) Blooming Sally (Restores lost strength. Improves sleep)
3) Cinnamon (Gives a good mood, strength and confidence)
4) Birch tree (Restores spiritual harmony and relieves tiredness)
5) Tutsan (Eliminates bad mood, restores strength)
6) Clover (Helps with headaches and dizziness)
7) Basil (Relieves headache and stress)
8) Heather (Helps with insomnia and neurosis. Restores strength)
9) Calendula (Relieves depression, improves well-being and sleep)
10) Nettle  (Improves sleep and protect against nightmares)
11) Lavender (Cleans from the negative impact, relieves headache and tiredness)
12) Coltsfoot (Helps to recover from a cold)
13) Juniper berries (Cleans the air and improve well-being)
14) Mint (Copes a bad mood and strong overwork)
15) Sagebrush (It has protective effect. Cleans away from the negative)
16) Rose (Restore strength and creates a romantic mood)
17) Chamomile (Promotes relaxation. Relieves stress and tiredness)
18) Pine (Cleans the air in the room. Calms the nerves)
19) Thyme (Used in inflammatory processes. Relieves tiredness)
20) Rosemary (It has anti-inflammatory and calming effect)